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Keeping Safe on the Internet Part 2


In this part of our series, we’ll address the precautions you should take when downloading content on the Internet.

The Internet has a plethora of content which is fit for consumption. However, not all of it needs to be stored on your computer.


And We're Back!


Celebrate! After being offline for 2 weeks with a pretty nasty coding error we're back online and better than ever!

Keeping Safe on the Internet

Part 1: Just Browsing We're starting a new series of articles will hopefully advise readers as to some good habits to develop in order to limit exposure to viruses, malware, and other damaging agents on the Internet. Basic Internet usage has become a staple for many, but even with the ease of accessibility and use, the Internet is filled with dangers both to your computer and data as well as to your identity and reputation. The first of our entries to this series covers how you cruise around on the Information Superhighway.


Change the Footnote or Endnote Separator

Doing More with Office Doing More with Word In today's installment of "Tech Tip Tuesday" we link to a Microsoft video on doing more with your footnotes. Enjoy!


New Ways to Select Text in Microsoft Word

New, Robust Feature It’s a well-known fact that in most word processing programs, you can hold your left mouse button and drag text to highlight it. From that point, you can then cut/copy the text or change the formatting of text. Microsoft Word 2007 and now 2010 take this concept a couple of steps further. The first item you can do is select multiple pieces of text, even if separated, at once. You can do this by holding down the CTRL and Shift keys on your keyboard and then dragging over the pieces of text you wish to modify.


How to Hide Windows Updates

Hiding Windows Updates

Microsoft releases updates to Windows and other products quite frequently. At times though, the update may be one you do not want. Perhaps it will break functionality of a third-party application on your computer. Maybe it updates a feature of Windows that you do not use. Whatever the reason, you may wish to not install the update and also hide it from the list of updates available. Let's look at how to get more control over these updates.

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Tech Tip: More Evidence for Password Maintenance

Windows 7 FTP

We've already talked about how important your password is but you can never beat this horse too much.

Review of technology news finds that just about every week there are breaches in Internet security which expose user data to malicious intent. This month, the Massachusetts Attorney General was notified that some 1,800 residents’ financial data was stolen via hackers.


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