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50 Ways to Use Social Media for Business

If you're a business person and if you're reading this blog then chances are you've got a social media profile. You may even manage it. There are a lot of articles out there that give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up a profile but very few on how to promote your business once you get there. That's why I've put together 50 different ideas on how you can leverage social media to reach out to your prospects and customers as well as monitor your brand.

5 Essential Tips for your Social Media Strategy

According to the marketing firm R2integrated, a majority of marketing professionals claim that social media is an "invaluable" part of their business and important to their brand.  Unfortunately, most of those same marketers are not seeing increased revenue or profits from their social media efforts.  Let's explore why.

How to Get Business Handed to You on LinkedIn - Part II

On Thursday we discussed the first five tips on using LinkedIn for business.  Today we look at 7 additional tips to getting business handed to you on LinkedIn.

How to Get Business Handed to You on LinkedIn

LinkedIn… so under appreciated. It’s like the squirrely little brother to the high school sports star. You know the kid – not very athletic, stays home on the weekends, and wears the pocket protector and glasses just like he always has… and like you’d expect him to.